Simulation & Analysis

Matlab Simulation and Analysis
Matlab® analysis

CPL routinely simulates as much as possible of the mechanical, electrical and control aspects of a design before committing to physical hardware. Primarily this reduces the time taken to confirm that the proposal will meet the requirement. In addition it allows aspects of the scheme to be investigated which could be very difficult or costly to measure physically.

CPL uses the industry standard Matlab® with Simulink® for mechanical and top level electrical simulation, and the SIMetrix package for electrical circuit design. Matlab®/Simulink® is also used for the control design. The servo systems for the scanning carriage, rotating mirror and lens positioning units designed for clients were all designed in this way.

Mechanical Modelling

Mechanical Modelling Simulation
Simulink® model

A model of the mechanism is required for simulation. Initially this need only reflect the key features, so that it is structurally correct, and is obtained by analysis. This will include a behavioural model of the electrical aspects of the driver etc. A controller is designed work with the mechanism and driver which meets the overall specification.

During the hardware testing phase, the model is refined with additional detail derived from the actual response. The controller is then optimised for robustness and design margin etc.

Circuit Simulation

Circuit Simulation and Analysis
Circuit simulation

Typically device manufacturers will provide models for discrete parts and many ICs. Functional blocks for simple logical devices, switches etc, can also easily be incorporated. CPL will then stress the circuit design to establish behaviour at and beyond the design boundaries, e.g. supply voltage variation, operation at temperature extremes etc. Nominal component values can be set to their limits to determine worst case behaviour, or the most probable outcome via a Monte Carlo analysis.

CPL can also establish component sensitivities, so that vulnerable parts are properly rated, without applying a blanket over-rating.