Prototyping Services

Laser Stage Prototype
Prototype laser stage

Analysis and simulation are essential to confirm that a design will function. However, simulation results can only reflect the model used. There is a strong trade-off between the time taken to develop a perfect model, and building hardware without knowing the design meets all its goals. CPL understands this balance well, and uses its in-depth experience to decide when to move from the simulation to hardware phases. This combination delivers hardware in a timely manner, whilst avoiding costly re-work. During validation, the prototype is used to refine the model with additional detail.

In conjunction with your engineers, CPL can build development models for proof of concept. This service covers both the electrical and mechanical aspects. CPL can provide printed circuit boards if they are an integral part of the design, or the scale of the electronics requires them. Where the design incorporates one or more closed loop control systems, CPL will integrate the mechanism, encoder, driver and software.

Prototype Cabinet Wiring
Early stage cabinet wiring

For larger prototype systems, CPL can prepare control cabinets. These can be built according to the customers scheme, or developed in conjunction with the customer. Typically they will house contactors, controllers, power amplifiers and PLCs etc. CPL can integrate the plant and cabinet to the customer requirement. The servo cabinet for the five axis printer was prepared and commissioned with the plant by CPL.