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Concept Proving Ltd specialises in applying drives and controls to prototype mechanisms and small machines.

There are many electronic, mechanical and software design houses – CPL stands out because it combines a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of mechanisms with the ability to design electronics and software to control them. Underpinning the mechanism control, CPL has a thorough knowledge of the interplay between the application of force, its bearing system and the point of measurement, essential for a predictable response. Exploiting the combination of all of these elements leads to an overall robust design.

If your business does not have all of the in-house expertise to apply a drive or control technology to your initial concept, we can work with your design team to bring early ideas into reality. CPL can assist at many stages in the design process, from concept selection, through simulation and analysis to prototype building and testing. These skills can also be applied to existing equipment to update or improve its performance.


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Client Testimonials

CPL's specialised product knowledge has helped us provide a better service for our customers.
Kevin Miller, Engineering Director, Precise Component Manufacture Ltd
CPL's control system experience has helped us meet some very challenging product specifications.
Bob Wilson, Director of Innovation, FFEI Ltd

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